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Andrea Laws

Andrea lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where she writes technical documents for one of the University’s organizations. She has degrees in English and Film Studies. Her poetry has been published in three anthologies so far.

A Disfigured Persona with Vivid Streams” will challenge readers to discern its meaning. For example, what is “the sun’s cause of being”? Well, since readers take everything literally unless they know to do otherwise, it’s a cloud of interstellar dust perhaps collapsed by a nearby supernova. Is that ridiculous? Wait... doesn’t cosmic despair fit with “ignorance,” “ridden paths,” forbidden love, and “silences”?

But the second half of the poem sounds a contrary, triumphant note in “waves of truth,” “eternal’s crescendo,” and life rippling “through dark crevices’ past.” The poem can be understood in many different ways, and readers must find their own keys to the code.

Andrea Laws’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Andrea, and thank you for joining us as an Associate Editor. We hope you’ll send us more soon and often!

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