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The Great and Shining Miss Shelby Garrett

by Douglas Young

Crowned by comely, curly hair cascading down,
Full, flowing, and delightfully honey brown,
She’s so tall, tan, poised, and beautiful,
Ever cheerful, always adorable.

Shelby excels in many a way:
Sweet, sharp, exuberant every day;
Eager to chat, curious, and enthused,
Her stupendous smile banishes the blues.

So vibrant and full of joy,
Like a kaleidoscopic kite dancing high above a boy,
She boosts spirits well beyond the norm
Like sunshine splitting clouds after a storm.

But she’s miles more than just a fine face,
For she’s driven by talent at a powerful pace;
An accomplished actress who’s also a dancer,
This Renaissance lady knows many an answer.

What is her secret for beaming such bliss,
Plus so much gentleness and tenderness?
On this earthly plain flooded with much pain,
How does she stay sunny despite the rain?

And, if it’s an act, I admire her more
For refusing to whine or close her door;
When sadness hits and so many stay sore,
She paints a grin and takes to the dance floor.

She’s the barkeep who’s not a cynic—
Perhaps her faith keeps her content;
What a comfort hers must be
To shine so much harmony.

So, whatever her strength, hooray for Miss Garrett,
Her kindness, ebullience, and all her merit;
She’s a glamorous gal who I bet could still fish
And knows that only you can make your own bliss.

So let us heed her vivacious example,
Place a painting of hope upon the mantle,
Choose to be a bright gem instead of a cold stone,
And engage others instead of hiding alone.

Kudos, Shelby, for being a colorful girl
In an all too often black and white world,
And for making an oasis amidst a dry desert plain
Or creating your own sunshine when others see rain.

Copyright © 2016 by Douglas Young

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