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Challenge 654

Get Your Transmutations Here!

  1. In David Adès’ “Flyby,” who or what are “I” and “you”? Might the greeting be mutual?

  2. In Bruce Pavalon’s “Love in Outer Space,” why does Anini decide to confide in Aaron?

  3. In Gary Clifton’s “Captain Willie Whizboom,” the events are said to be taken from real life. Why might a reader think they are? Why might one think they’re fictional?

  4. In Terry R. Mirll’s “Karat Cake”:

    1. In part 6, the Old Man discovers an absurdly simple method of doing what? What did the historical Nicholas Flamel supposedly discover?
    2. In part 7, aside from being friendly, how do Dippy and Hildy differ from Frank’s pursuers?
  5. In Oonah V. Joslin’s “Evergreen”:

    1. Why does a line break occur in the word “momentum”?
    2. What is meant by the refrain “windows disappear”?
    3. “Evergreen” is an ekphrastic poem, but what classic literary theme or themes does it evoke: Memento mori? Tempus fugit? Sic transit gloria mundi? Vita est somnium?

Responses welcome!

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