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Challenge 652

Spaced Out

  1. In “Melissa R. Mendelson’s “I’m Better Off With a Cat”:

    1. Is the narrator mistreated or are the co-workers simply unable to meet the narrator’s expectations?
    2. Dogs are social animals; cats are loners. Is the conclusion justified: “I’m better off with a cat”?
  2. In Bob Lovely’s “Breeds,” the only unlikeable character is a virtual one: Albert’s ex-wife; she is alluded to but does not appear in the story. In view of the other characters, is she needed at all?

  3. In Phil Temples’ “Makerspace,” the story stops with Akhmed facing a number of problems. How might Xafroid and Zeenix help him out in further chapters?

  4. In Andrew Sacks’ “ Westwood’s Hidden Treasure”:

    1. Why are so many celebrities buried in Westwood rather than somewhere else?
    2. How much might it cost to buy a plot next to or near a celebrity’s?
    3. Having read the travel guide, do you want to visit Westwood? If so, why?

Responses welcome!

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