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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 650

Fall Up, Spring Down

  1. In Mike Acker’s “September”:

    1. The poem seems to describe the weather in the last month of summer at what northerly latitude?
    2. How might a poem about September be written in the Southern Hemisphere?
  2. In Scott Jessop’s “Moviola”:

    1. In what year does the story begin?
    2. Does the narrator have a name?
    3. How might the relationship between the narrator and the ghost of Clara Duncan play out without the unexpected appearance of the robbers?
  3. in Elous Telma’s “A Bottom-Up Approach to Keeping Things Alive,” the chapter departs from the narrative begun in chapter 1.

    1. Can chapter 2 be called an “info-dump”? Or is it a digression? If yes in either case, why do you think so? Or is it something else?
    2. Chapter 2 gives the readers an idea of what to expect in the lake. What other, general insights does it provide?
  4. In Kathleen Wolak’s “You Are My Sunshine”:

    1. How likely is it that a family of campers would be attacked by a lone wolf? How do wolves normally hunt?
    2. Emily accidentally stabs Chris. The experience is traumatic, of course, but is her feeling of guilt earned or unearned?
    3. Does Greg overtly blame Emily for the accident? Or does he fail to reassure her that it was not her fault?
    4. Are Greg’s own feelings of guilt earned or unearned?
    5. What are the functions of Emily’s pregnancy and of Greg’s being unaware of it?

    Responses welcome!

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