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Ari Webb

Katherine Allen still holds the title as the youngest official contributor of record at Bewildering Stories, at age 14. Since Ari Webb is younger than age 13, he qualifies as a guest contributor, one who appears by invitation.

BwS likes to encourage new writers of any age, but it is not a children’s magazine. We might heed Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who may have been the first to emphasize, more than 250 years ago, that children and adults — including young adults — are not the same, and each ought to be treated accordingly.

Fall to Winter to Fall” may invite readers to seek subtexts, for example: When does reality become dreamlike or vice-versa? Is there a hidden message about global warming? Maybe. But those are adults’ ideas. Rather, Ari and his younger brother, Eli, are just having a good time, playing in the autumn leaves. And if Ari finds some gentle humor in weather changes, what more can one ask? In the end, Bewildering Stories itself is playful, too, and does much the same.

Ari Webb’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Ari. We hope to hear from you again!

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