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My Magnificent Xiaoyan

by Douglas Young

One stayed after all the rest left;
Just one didn’t leave me bereft.
She’s at my side through all my bouts;
Of her love, I have no doubts.

No one is more thoughtful, generous, or fair.
She has no enemies and is adored everywhere.
So conscientious, hard-working, and kind,
She’s also pretty — and what a wise mind!

She has triumphed over so much travail,
For her strength assures she will prevail.
She’s tougher than anyone I know,
The best possible ally to help with the flow.

She coos to me, “Darling,”
And I am enveloped by calm.
Xiaoyan can be so charming,
And she is my balm.

Her name means “Little Swallow,”
And her sweet voice chirps hope for tomorrow.
Reliable as the sunrise,
Sharing her nest is the grand prize.

Her melodic speech is ever so cute,
Always comforting,
With the ring of a flute.
Such beautiful tan skin,
A quick, ready grin,
Cherry-wood eyes,
A lovely slim figure,
So many surprises,
What a joy to be with her!

I love her dearly
And thank her every day.
She helps me see clearly
And shows me the way.

So thank you, my love;
I owe you so much,
And pray to repay you
For your awesome, sweet touch.

Copyright © 2015 by Douglas Young

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