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Digital Future

by Mike Acker

He must have a mind for the infinite
and other matters dealing with vague
beginnings and uneasy endings.

For how else will he survive the future times,
those of grays, dark and light,
but never again black or white?
Those times when directions of north
or south could just as well be east or west.

Now that the deities have all but died,
he is finally free to step out, naked,
from their pious prisons of ignorance onto the vast
something of the nothing that is space and time.

Only numbers, one upon the other,
will dominate his new, sparse world. These digits
will be well-hidden under man-made layers
of new, unambiguous certainties.

His goals will not differ from his father’s;
they will only seem more complex in their intricacies.

Copyright © 2015 by Mike Acker

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