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Challenge 637

Down to the Sea

  1. In Mike Acker’s “Alan”:

    1. From some viewpoints, the photo might be considered unnecessary or even undesirable. Under what circumstances is it useful?
    2. Refugee migrations have long since ceased to be a European political crisis and have become a world-wide moral crisis. In what way can the personification of the Mediterranean Sea be read as a judgment on humanity?

  2. In Richard King Perkins, II’s “Voices from Deep Inside the Refrigerator” we find a stiking line: “Everything around you is a container of some sort.” Do containers serve only for imprisonment? What other purpose may they have?

  3. In K. R. Svich’s “The Exile and the Urchin,” Why does the “urchin” conclude that Raphael is a demon? Was life not worth living? If not, why not?

  4. In Mike Duran’s “When Orchids Bloomed from Dead Stringers,” what is the Great Recycling?

  5. In Elana Gomel’s “White, Green, and Gold,” what is the color symbolism? What is the function of the Venetian mask?

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