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Challenge 628

All Minds on Deck

  1. In Kent Rosenberger’s “Plan One From Planet Nine,” in what way do the space aliens act more like humans than they might care to admit?

  2. In Gary Clifton’s “Officer Rosie,” who moves the sandbags: Rosie or Rebound?

  3. In Henry F. Tonn’s “Death by Moonlight,” how many dissociated personalities does Natalie have? Does Natalie herself have a dominant personality?

  4. in Stephen Ellams’ “Costanza,” what would Dylan Thomas do?

  5. In Lilliana Rose’s “iFarmer,” what might smarter rustlers steal?

  6. In Bertrand Cayzac’s “Far Way, on a Medicean Moon“:

    1. The Medicean moons are also known as the Galilean moons, after their discoverer. Why might the alternate name have been chosen?
    2. What are the satirical elements in the account of the meeting chaired by Jenny Appleseed?

    3. What does Brigitte Kaliyuga say to point out the flaw in the various plans for interstellar emigration? Does Jenny Appleseed agree with her or not?

Responses welcome!

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