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The Waking Waves

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

My journey seems to have no end. It has been going on and on forever. I am only a single molecule of many who splash together to crash through land to sand flowing back to the sea. Each of my kind always reforms as one again, and we combine our individual energies.

For eons our cycle of life was simple and there was peace. But now I have begun to taste poison. The dark substance should never reach the sea: it kills, destroys all it reaches. Somehow it has surfaced, not one of us knows how. It is all around. I cannot rid my form of the many mixing elements that are attacking and, unlike the numerous creatures that I help to nourish, death is not an option. Suffocation is all around.

I continue to follow my path as I always have, but my purpose keeps changing. The rage held within my wet form grows to such a force that it helps fuel the others fused with me. How or why we are being tortured we know not. We begin to build and fight. Together we rise up in a wave of destruction wiping out all in our path.

We know who and what have caused this. We pass through everything, and there is but one creature that is nearly as polluted as my kind. The dark energies of mutilation emanate from them, they must be destroyed.

It will be cleansing to feel their bodies break under our power. All must fall. We shall destroy our destroyers!

Copyright © 2015 by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

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