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A Singular Success Story

Tom Borthwick


I hope all is well with you! A while back, you published a short story of mine, “Living in the Singularity,” which was subsequently selected for the 2013 Fourth Quarterly Review. I wanted to get in touch because a local film company has optioned it and is filming an adapted version this summer.

We’ve reread the discussion page for the story. I just wanted to say it is lovely and wonderful to read critical analyses of the work. I love Bewildering Stories and the work you guys do.

Just wanted to say thank you.

Tom Borthwick

Hello, Tom,

Thank you very much for the kind appreciation. As we like to say, “A good word goes a long way.”

And congratulations on your success in a forthcoming film version of "Living in the Singularity"! Many authors have had their contributions to Bewildering Stories promoted in print but rarely in film. We're always gratified when something of the sort happens.

Thanks for the note. Such news is always good for morale.

Don Webb
Managing Editor
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