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The Chronicle of Belthaeous

by John W. Steele

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Chapter 44: The Elephant

Like an endless sky, a plain of vast magnitude stretched out before me. I could not determine the density of this place. It might have been a nonphysical world of a single dimension, or it may have existed as a neuron in the mind of the Unborn; infinite and complete unto itself. It was impossible to discriminate because no form, color, or sound could be perceived from which to draw comparisons. Only clear emptiness existed here. I sensed that I was little more than an atom surrounded by gleaming achromatic emptiness.

This expression of awareness had no inside and it had no outside. I felt I could remain here forever without distress because, unlike oblivion, where subconscious chaos rules, this place held not an idea, only a state of rapturous detachment, a clarity of such purity that no concept or imagining could enter in. I perceived this place to be the mirror of imagination, the mind’s eye from which all thought energy reflects to conceive a realm of expression.

My grasp of mathematics had revealed emptiness on a quantum scale. Space in the material universe is identical in substance and has no form even in the core of an atom. Vast realms of emptiness much larger than the galaxy could be contained on the head of a pin. Thrangu claimed matter has no inside and like the dimensions of hypercosmic infinitude even a neutrino held numberless macrocosms that expanded ever deeper into the quantum realms.

A jolt like a blast of wind slammed me from behind, and I began to accelerate at a tremendous velocity. Each time I thought I could travel no faster, the force increased. I understood that I’d entered the speed of thought... all I ever knew reduced to a single awareness devoid of any concept; only the power of will remained. I felt total freedom expanding exponentially in all directions like a star that had gone supernova. I became the warp energy and I could control it, but the velocity depended solely on the power of my volition. No matter how fast I accelerated, I could not exceed the borders of awareness.

Far in the distance, a tiny dot appeared. I felt a strong attraction for this sector because I knew a great secret awaited me there. I focused on the speck and sailed madly through eternity, bending mind-matter with the power of concentration. The dot expanded like a helium-filled balloon, growing in shadow and character until its lines formed a shape I recognized. I emerged on a vast plateau. Save for the object before me, the expanse of nothingness remained unchanged.

A man sat on a wrought iron park bench. The character looked dapper. He wore a white silk double-breasted suit and a red bow tie. A classic white fedora with a black ribbon band and a feather accent sat on his head. A heavy gold watch chain hung on his trousers, and he rested his hands on the knob of a carved ivory cane. The man looked like a wealthy coffee baron.

I felt intimidated by his presence, and at the same time comforted that I had made contact with this expression. Despite his imposing grandeur, I decided to speak to him. When I looked in his face, I recoiled; the man had no face, only an open window filled with more of the neutral white emptiness.

I sat down on the far side of the bench and stared into the distance. The man didn’t speak. Time did not exist here and we sat in silence. Mind and body had fallen off and my awareness flowed in and out of this no-mind state like water trough a bucket with no bottom.

The man tapped his foot and a voice cut through the void. “I am Belthaeous.”

His revelation did not surprise me. The thought of his presence felt entirely natural. “How did you get in my head?” I asked.

“Your head... we are one mind. We exist as different perspectives of Absolute Intelligence.”

The idea seemed absurd; I knew the Avatar had attained great wisdom. “But your knowledge is superior, Belthaeous, I am not your equal. You are higher than me.”

The old man laughed. “If I sat on a cliff and you looked up and saw me there, would that make me higher than you? I hold knowledge you are not aware of because my perspective is not as limited as yours. But we are the same mind, and everything I know exists within you. A souled being can rise to any height they desire. Gnosis does not repress, it illuminates.”

How can this be?” I asked. “Where does it end?”

“What makes you think it does? Like the double helix, knowledge winds ever higher. Only the Monad knows the alpha and omega of infinite intelligence. Our privilege as an embodied spirit of the True Light creator is to enjoy the journey. But that all became extinct when the Demiurgos sealed us in the dimensions of matter and ended our odyssey of bliss and wonder. We are one my brother. We are the same.”

“I am nothing like you,” I said, in a proud voice.

The old man sighed. “One of the problems we face while frozen in virtual reality is our notion of self-importance. It is a reverberating circuit that enforces the walls of the 3-D hologram and keeps us forever imprisoned on the throne of the ego. You think you are better than I because you have never walked in my shoes, but I assure you, all Light beings suffer in virtual reality.”

“I know what you’re after, demon, and I will never give it to you,” I said.”

The Archon seemed indifferent to my assertion. He began to whistle a tune. The melody sounded very sweet, but I found his foolish distraction annoying.

“Stop behaving like an idiot, Belthaeous. You want the Eye so you can return from oblivion and rule once again as the Supreme Commander of the world. You’re no different than Nacroanus.”

The man propped the cane against the armrest of the settee. He leaned back and crossed his legs. From the breast pocket of his jacket, he fished out a fine cigar and held it near the portal in his skull. The stogie began to smolder. A puff of smoke gusted into the void, and the scent of rich tobacco filled the air. He rested the cigar between his fingers, and caressed it gently with his thumb.

“The Eye is a portal, but it has far deeper significance; it holds a power the Vulpeculans are exceedingly worried they will lose.”

“And what is this power?” I asked.

The old man sighed. “The power of faith; the impossible wonder of trust. Whoever holds the Eye holds the key to the manipulation of sensory intake. The Archons strengthen this conditioning by transmitting ideas and emotions directly into people’s subconscious minds through telepathy. The Eye is the source of beguilement. Satan held the Eye when he enticed the Adamas to enter his world of matter.

“Because of the vast increase in the number of souled entities confined on the earth, the Vulpeculans and their theocratic hierarchies now prefer telescreens and the ease of electronic mind control to support the walls of the counterfeit creation. The Eye has become obsolete. But I know the secrets of the Eye of Mammon, and there is nothing in virtual reality that can compare to the quality of its Maya.”

“That’s absurd,” I responded. “You’re trying to hypnotize me to give you the Eye. Surely Mammon has penetrated your heart, Belthaeous, because you speak like all the other liars that seek only glory and dominance.

“What is this sudden change of heart? At one time, you were the most ruthless and bloodthirsty ruler on the planet, and now you pretend you’re concerned for the welfare of mankind?”

The old man sat transfixed as if contemplating my words. “You know nothing of those days, Dr. Neumann. I descended into darkness to reveal the magic of Maya and expose the vampire regime that controls the physical dimension. Anyone who agrees to incarnate in this realm is subject to its laws.

“Someone of authority had to enter this prison to unmask the treachery of this corrupted design. I acted as Mammon’s perception in this flawed creation. The Chronicle was written as a testament and will be used as evidence against him in the end time.”

“How blind do you think I am, Belthaeous? Your words are like those of the other hypocrites that have used their influence to confuse mankind. How are you different? Were you born again?”

The old man laughed softly like one well acquainted with the anguish of conscience. “No... no, I have died at last, my friend. Once the Eye was removed from my brow, I was released from the curse of rebirth in a realm such as yours. But that does not mean I am free. Without the Eye I am but a dead man locked in an illusion of life, like a breathing corpse or an animated statue. Part of my energy remains locked in the Eye, and I can never return to the Sixth Density without it.”

Belthaeous rose up from the bench and began to pace slowly. “Perhaps this would be easier for you to fathom this from a different point of view. At one time, a great man of Light lived in your coordinates. His name was Einstein. This man understood the purpose of time and the illusion of space.

“Einstein gave the world one of the greatest gifts it will ever know. But like all revelations that are intolerable to Darkness, the truth has been disregarded and exists today as an oddity.”

Like a Zen student ravenous for Satori, I blurted out, “And what would that be?”

“Einstein claimed that if you could see deep enough into the 3-D hologram you would see the back of your head.”

I’d heard about the Einstein Ring before. The theory was discredited by all respected scientists, and because of this I had never really analyzed it.


“Well, Dr. Neumann, it appears the god of science has dulled your mind. The teacher revealed that the universe is contained within a spinning icosahedron.

“All matter is imprisoned by the hard angles of a symmetrical solid. Light revolves and bends within the confines of its borders until it returns the focus of the awareness. Your universe is impermanent and encased in a shell that appears infinite.”

“What does all this have to do with the Eye?” I asked.

The Avatar faced me and I felt the energy of his dismay. “Mankind is trapped inside an inferior virtual reality. If I can remove the Eye from the lower Densities, I will return it to the Pronia, where its power will be rendered extinct.

“I came here to help dismantle this machine from the inside. But my mission will never be complete until I have recaptured the Eye. To control the Eye will grant mankind precious time to discover the fraud perpetrated upon them for untold generations. Already, souled beings are beginning to understand who and what they are. When the apocalypse emerges they will be immune to the scourge.”

I did not believe Belthaeous. I thought about Mindy and wondered why she trusted him. The spirit of woman is easily is beguiled by the glimmer of Mammon’s design. But I knew as well, women are either of the Light or of Darkness. Only a man can attempt to serve two masters and, in so doing, rots from the inside out.

“Why should I trust you Belthaeous? You’ve already discovered what the Eye is capable of. The Eye is a curse for anyone that holds it. You’re a charlatan; the world abounds with demons of the false Light.”

The old man stopped dead in his tracks. He turned and faced me. His face tuned a shade of hazy Martian red and flashes of lightning exploded in the chamber of his skull. In a voice raw with passion, he exclaimed, “Dammit, Neumann, open your eyes! How long can you ignore the elephant standing in your living room? Everything in the counterfeit creation has been created by evil to serve evil. Don’t believe me: look at the world of suffering around you and ask if the planet is not evil by design!

“A being of Light suffers its entire life a victim of exploitation by demonic parasites, and what is its reward at the end of its allotted function? Death!

“The world has been seduced by the programming inherent in electronic mind control to enslave a manipulated and acquiescent population while the vast majority of humanity suffers in war, famine, disease, and exploitation.

“You think you understand Nacroanus and the design of his Eternulum elixir, but its true purpose has been withheld from you.

“He claims he is going to harness the Light, but you haven’t a clue how he will accomplish this. Do you think those who truly adore the Light will give up their will? Many of them would rather die than serve Evil.

“The church proved this when they slaughtered and tortured to death millions of Light beings who had harmed no one; their only desire in this life was to escape the horror of the counterfeit creation.”

Belthaeous pointed a finger into the clear expanse and a vision of vast magnitude appeared in the either.

The world is about to be reborn, Dr. Neumann. What little true Light that remains here will soon be extinct. This is the fate that awaits the children of the Light.”


To be continued...

Copyright © 2014 by John W. Steele

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