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by Mike Acker

If you leave Earth on Friday, June 1st, 2018
at six p.m., to be exact, and head
for the king of gods, by Monday
at three-sixteen p.m., you will reach Jupiter.

Follow precisely the line Mars’ father’s moon,
Io and our sun will form at that moment
for another three months, two days, six hours,
and fourteen minutes. You will then arrive

at an orange-blue sun around which four
planets orbit. Land on the third one
from this fantastic sun, near its southern pole.
Head for the gray, mountain-like ridge surrounded

by an ivory ocean. You can’t miss it. There,
you will notice a lone bright pinnacle, sprouting
from a lush, yellow-green valley. Follow the stream
at the edge of this gorge to a purple mound.

Land atop this small hill and, if you arrive minutes
before this sun sets, Nasim, a breeze
like no other will carry you to the pinnacle,
where you will find all the love a man ever needs.

Copyright © 2015 by Mike Acker

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