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The Chronicle of Belthaeous

by John W. Steele

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Chapter 40: The Foreign Instillation

part 2

“I could not understand what Belthaeous meant, either. He said if he can penetrate the walls of the Astral matrix, he can aid in the release of the Light Beings that are enslaved in the various religious theocracies and Vampire regimes that thrive there.

“He asserted that many of the ascended masters and archangels that live in indescribable luxury in Fourth Density have never suffered even one incarnation on planet Earth. He went on to say that the energies these parasites draw from the Light Beings trapped there are stolen against their will. If they fail to satisfy their sovereign, they are cast down to the Third for another round of intense suffering.”

“What’s your point, Mindy? Thrangu already revealed to me this blasphemy. It cannot be changed unless the Matrix is dismantled. No one has the power to do that. Not even Belthaeous.”

“Please hear me out, Rodney. That is not the extent of his prophecy. He said we sign a contract to enter this dimension on planet Earth. Of our own volition, we agree to endure certain horrors.

“He claims if the Eye is returned to him, he can use Mammon’s power against him and open a hole in heaven through which the Light Beings can return to the source. He believes he can transfer the Eye from this flawed creation and drive an arrow into the heart of darkness.”

She looked at me, her eyes pleading. “Don’t you understand? Without the Eye, Mammon is severely weakened, and Belthaeous can defeat him.”

I gazed adoringly at this beautiful manifestation of the True Light Creator. But I knew she had motives, and I knew her knowledge was incomplete. In her heart, she thought she had found the truth, but I held knowledge that could shatter her beliefs to madness. Only through suffering does the heart awaken to the curse of deception, and I sensed her truth had its root in love.

Because I refused to bend the knee to the holy angels, I now understood. There is no mind, only a series of programs, a foreign instillation created to blind men from the truth. But passion is more powerful than truth, and I knew at this stage Mindy could not understand this.

I wanted to tell her that this is the final arena of those who refuse to give their power to the Vampire deities: a battleground not of ascension, but of completion.

Everything she told me sounded wonderful, like all Mammon’s lies. I’d seen the interiors of the Angel’s mind and I’d felt the diabolical energy in his voice. Mindy had failed to convince me that Belthaeous was not a demon, and I feared she’d been beguiled by his charm. It troubled me that that she may have fallen for what was very likely another Archon Angel.

I was well acquainted with the despair of loneliness, but the stakes were too high. I remembered my vow to myself and Thrangu. I set my mind firm and exclaimed, “And you trust Belthaeous? This desecrate voluptuary responsible for the destruction of untold millions of lives.”

Mindy stepped closer, and raised her arms in a gesture of protest. “You don’t understand him!” she cried. “No one knows him as I do. Belthaeous is an Aeon, a being of great nobility in the divine hierarchy, an original son of Light.

“The Eye of Mammon possessed his soul. That is why he did the things he did. He sacrificed himself, because he believed he could defeat the King of Archons. But in the counterfeit dimensions, Mammon is invincible. In the end, the demons raped his soul unmercifully and Belthaeous was defeated.”

I snorted. “Sacrificed himself? That’s absurd! How stupid do you think I am? Belthaeous terrorized the entire world ages in the past, and now you think this tainted angel is some kind of martyr? What kind of power does Belthaeous now possess that is worth giving him the Eye?”

Mindy clasped her hands and sighed. “The power of Gnosis. Mammon no longer owns him. Belthaeous will emerge from his trials a sovereign. Neither Mammon nor the True Light Creator will control him. He has returned to his original nature and transcended the lower dimensions forever.

“Without the power of the Eye, Mammon will be forced to labor another decade to complete his vision for mankind. And by then souled humanity will have awakened to his beguilement. Already the Matrix is crumbling. The Aeons know this; that is why they struggle so heroically without glory against the evil programming of the Counterfeit Creation. They are awaiting the return of the messiah who will lead the charge to dismantle the virtual reality from within.”

“Lies!” I boomed. “Can’t you understand what you’re asking me to do? If I return the Eye to Belthaeous, he’ll just use it to carry on where he left off. Add Nacroanus to the mix and all you have left is another prophecy, another mythic tale of woe.”

“No, that’s not true,” Mindy said. “I have touched his heart and it burns with great Light. Belthaeous can control the Eye. Through his sufferings, he has burst the shackles of ignorance and returned to his true nature.

“But while Belthaeous lies wounded and broken in oblivion, Mammon secured the walls of the Astral Matrix. A great climax is about to unfold in this dimension. Mammon’s ambassadors have stepped up their crusade to induct theomorphic entities into Astral families.The Avatar needs the Eye to shatter the gates of the Astral prison and create a portal of escape for all those enslaved there.”

I slammed my fist on the table. “No one can control the Eye. That is why it’s dangerous!”

Mindy fell to her knees. “I’ll give you anything, Rodney; I’ll do anything you ask. You were not recruited into this battle by accident. You hold great Light and you are warrior class. Please trust me on this. The destiny of the souled humanity lies in your decision.”

I took her hands in mine and looked deeply in her eyes. “I adore you, Mindy. But I don’t trust Belthaeous. And I don’t trust the depth of your wisdom.”

I hung my head in surrender. “No one can be trusted. That is why it is a hell world. I’ll never give you the Eye. Its power is too important to gamble away on intuition. I pity you, woman; you will be forced to learn the hard way that the heart cannot be trusted. Mammon created it.”

Mindy began to sob. “Rodney, you’re such a fool. How terrible is your fate, to be so alone you trust no one. Will you allow your heart to destroy the innocent? What about the children?”

“There are no innocent in this world, Mindy; only the damned.” I turned and headed for the door. I clenched tight my jaw and left her sobbing on the floor.

The corridor was still and I walked slowly towards the gate. I sensed I would never make it out of this place alive. But it no longer mattered. There comes a point where fear is worse than death, and I had crossed the threshold of subjugation. I would fight not because I was brave, but because only my body remained in this dimension, and it had a purpose here.

Despite my concerns, my return to Level Five unfolded without a hitch. The aliens eyed me coolly. They acted as if I was little more than a lost pet, and they did not try to stop me.

When I arrived at my suite, I sat on the edge of the bed. I was too smart to ignore the illusion and too stupid to swallow the bait. The Buddha had had no teacher, and I now understood why. There is nothing that can be taught. Man must find his own salvation. The software in the human wet drive is impossible to delete entirely. One can only use the programs to access greater knowledge hidden within.

At last I understood what Thrangu had said, and his voice rang clear inside of me. The human mind was designed to defy any attempt at awakening or escape from the lower dimensions, Dr. Neuma. Outside of the 3D hologram, mind does not exist.

I held my world in my hands and rubbed my eyes hard. Like a living mist, a primal vision took shape on the mirror of my subconscious.

Like a great eagle I soared free in the Light, infinite awareness my domain, the cosmos beneath my wings. But my eyes were now weak, my talons dulled, my feathers scattered by the merciless winds of thought programming. I’d been forever trapped in the Samsara of illusions, forever a bird in a cage. I envisioned how it could have been, and a great sorrow came over me. I cursed the darkness and my eyes grew moist with tears.

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