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First and Last

by Mike Acker

He walks along the edge of the
black volcano. Neon yellow,
is the best way he can describe
the color of this flat two-foot wide ledge.

His white suit glows against the blueish-
black background, shimmering against
the translucent teal liquid of a lake
of some sort.

There is no going home, he knows that.
Strangely, he doesn’t feel lost. The only
human left on this, the furthest mission
into the solar system.

The beauty is stunning, looking up
from Io at Jupiter, taking up half the sky,
this foreign sky. He has never felt
more alone, and yet, at home.

Space, here on Io or further, is now
not just his new home, but mankind’s.
He thinks at least he will have
this magnificent view as he nears his end.

Copyright © 2014 by Mike Acker

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