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The Evolution
of a Temporal Knight

by Robert Shmigelsky

Timid page
Menial tasks
Looped into whole days
Thank employer’s
Temporal aperture

Youthful apprentice
Rudimentary training
Unsuccessfully ducks
Torrent of verbal degradation
Many errands disguised as trials

Finally... an advanced learner
Expert swordsman
But mild knowledge of
All these mystic tomes
Teacher brought up
Final tribulation

Novice hero... huff
Begins two-man quest... puff
Epic journey
With lots of hills
To scale
Perfect for long camera shots
Sword can catch moments in time
No coconuts

Pious studies
Occasional lover of history
Countless regal tourneys
As many second-place finishes
One chosen admiration

A dark and perilous crusade
Horrendous first encounter
Accompanied numinous glow
Now quantum man
Surging through
Blaze of rewinding light
Eclipse gives rise
Temporal knight times two

Copyright © 2015 by Robert Shmigelsky

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