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Challenge 605

Crossing Time Street

  1. In Oonah V. Joslin’s “Henderson’s Hand,” what does the story imply about the relationship between the artist and his work?

  2. In Stephen Ellams’ “The Limitations of Love,” what is “The flat-surfaced, ostentatious / Lie that you tell yourself”?

  3. In Channie Greenberg’s “Only After Dosing on Vicodin,” can you think of a title that would not give away the punch line in advance?

  4. In William B. Squirrell’s “Fighting in the Streets of the City of Time”:

    1. The “jumpers” appear to be time-travelers. What is their mission?
    2. What is “the fog”?
    3. How does Jimmy feel about “jumpers” who come to him to apply for retirement benefits? How does he feel about their work?
    4. What does the story imply about the relationship between past and present?
  5. In Myles Buchanan’s “The Toymaker”:

    1. What is the function of Marrus’ illness in the story?
    2. What is the relationship between Marrus and Fera?
    3. Why does Marrus take his father’s crossbow?
    4. How does Fera view the forest? As forbidding? Friendly? Both, by turns?
    5. Are the “elves” real? What do they symbolize for Fera?
    6. What states of mind does the story depict, and in what circumstances?

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