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Myles Buchanan

Myles lives in Portland, Oregon. He has studied English and Mythology at Kenyon College and Oxford University. He has a solid record of publishing fantasy fiction and is working on a collection: “Sorrowlands.” He also seems to be practicing to compete with Honoré de Balzac in coffee consumption!

The Toymaker” will charm readers with its characters, Fera, Marrus, and Marrus’ father, the “toymaker.” Readers are also likely to come away with many questions, such as: Who are the Alchemists, and what do they really do? Are the elves real or a product of Fera’s wishful thinking? Why does Marrus turn on his father and, implicitly, Fera as well? The story will engage the readers’ fantasy as much as it has the author’s.

Myles Buchanan’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Myles. We’re looking forward to more stories from the “Sorrowlands.”

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