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At St James Church
Tuesday, March 4, 2014

by Stephen Ellams

Yes, I was the one
Who spoke those words
You thought so potent
Like the poets of old
To honour his memory

I stood heavenly high
Staring down into the nave
Amid a sea of familiar faces
My father’s stricken grief
Undulating in me

Trawling with a deep breath
To gather some strength
From the eyes of paternal love
I wrestled imminent tears
Back into their ducts

Maybe the measure of myself
Was in this telling moment
Behold, the firstborn did rise
Beside a fisher of Mersey men
I cast out my lines

Dedicated to the memory of my beloved Granddad, Francis (Frank) Ellams (18 May 1925 — 18 February 2014).

author and grandfather

Stephen and Francis Ellams

Copyright © 2014 by Stephen Ellams

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