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Zane Blom

Hi, Don,

I want to thank you and your staff again for what you are doing for writers of all levels. I know it requires a lot of heart to accomplish this. Just know that, for many of us, it is rather a sink or swim deal without the style of support that you offer at BwS. Growth in writing cannot be accomplished in a vacuum. I just think there is a limit to what a writer can overcome if he is not allowed the friendly voice of a professional.

Keep on believing in what you are doing. And thank you! And have a wonderful holiday season.


And we thank you, Zane! I often get similar messages, and I always enjoy saying in response that “a good word goes a long way.” You speak for many. On behalf of Bewildering Stories’ review readers and review editors, I can say we very much appreciate your and other contributors’ thoughtfulness.

You’re telling us something important: we’re accomplishing our mission. As we say elsewhere in this issue, it means we’re not seeking glory; we’re “minding the store” with good will. As long as we can do that, that’s how we all fit into “the grand scheme of things.”

All good wishes for the season, and, as we also like to say, keep up the good work!

Don Webb
Managing Editor

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