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Emancipation Dream

by Sasha Gorelik

A haunted dream with an autumn feel, like sullen change of life curling in for sleep. Hair like seaweed wet and frayed hanging loose about naked frames. Two lovers’ silhouettes, one was male of deep violet. A shadow only in a sea of baby blue. The woman a sea-green tone tinted with the brown of earth. They moved together like spinning waves or strands of sand poured over a tile floor while casting spells. Their skin fine dust, which moved and changed. Their forms loosened so their colors could blend.

A line of sand that spiraled in, and the spiral stood up and outstretched its limbs. Violet again became a male, his sagging head overgrown with wet and knotted hair. From his arms raised but limp hung strands like Spanish moss thick and wet. The sea-green dust formed a cloud thick and rich as it breathed and pulsed.

A life-force light appeared as eyes, which fluttered upon the dust curved wave that was his counterpart and mate. Gentle waves of hair deep brown rustled while the form became, from shifting sand, voluptuous and feminine. In one hand she held a crystal jar, in the other she pinched a dust of brittle leaves. “Anodomotto” her voice whispered, then she blew the herb onto him. A pinch, a tingle on his genitals, until they became flat and thin, stood like a ribbon in the wind that seemed useless now for sex.

The two forms embraced, sands turning fluid once again. Fused together to form a lake of peace. There was a breath exchange of spirits’ life-sharing souls, giving self. The sand collapsed to the tile floor. Motionless, breathless, at peace with love.

A divine hand rubbed its fingers through the dust, drawing pictures, symbols from archaic rites. Scribbles, figures, surreal and pure. A breeze stirred the sand again spreading the figures into formless air; breathing life into their souls once more, before the sands were blown away to the netherworld. Single grains, a sentient soul. Mixed colors violet, olive, thin sky blue turned to fusion of prismed souls manumit through love.

Copyright © 2003 by Sasha Gorelik

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