Bewildering Stories

The Second Portal

Gehenna Inferno

It was after passing through the first portal that everything no longer made any sense. It was a few seconds later that everything made even less sense.

Right after that, she found herself stuck in time and space, struggling desperately to escape.

Of course, the personal counselor, E-- it called itself, was after her.

She ran down the corridor and somehow passed out of existence and through the second portal.

That was when everything went completely off the edge of the cliff...


"Come with me to the world of my imagination, a world where alligators and skunks fly, watermelons are used for computer keyboards, aliens invade and everyone realizes that they're not aliens, people lose their horseradish in a society rigidly controlled by megalomaniac monkeys, people have the same horseradish in a society rigidly controlled by monkey-like megalomaniacs, with people who are both stupid and not stupid, aliens that combust without oxygen, people stuck in sticky goo, people stuck outside sticky goo, entities struggling to maintain dynamic equilibrium, weirdness that doesn't make sense, weirdness that does make sense, people who find themselves in foreign places, places that find themselves with foreign people, plastic earthworms that exact revenge, soup that tastes good but really isn't, weather that rains when it feels like it, clocks that break down periodically, putrid nonexistent things that exist, pencils that are sentient, nonbeings that are, temporal effervescence, effervescent efflorescence, and a lot of other stuff that both makes sense and does not make sense at the same time, until you take a look and see.

"You don't believe me?

"Come with me, then, and we shall see..." says the insane sci-fi author standing on the other side.

She reacts with shock.

She runs, but there is nowhere to go.

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