Bewildering Stories

Dumbstruck, with a Vengeance!

Decmerion P. Newhamstershire, Esq.

I am dumbstruck, with a vengeance.

But what am I to say to those who have gone before me?

Where do they lie now? I cannot truly see.

I must permit myself to see, or I simply cannot be.

Yet somehow I find myself waiting, waiting for the glee.

What the hell?

But I must wait, I tell myself, even if I disagree.

What foul atrocities!

In considering the atrocities, I could not help but obscenely quake.

Inside myself, I find myself shaking.

I see cabbages and kings and all sorts of peculiar things.

I must live.

What the hell?

Leave now, I say, or begone with you.

I have been dumbstruck, with a vengeance!

So therefore, I must permit myself to say a word or two.

A word or two to you or you and me or you.

What the hell?

Please consider this in earnest, erstwhile I may die.

Then go away and save yourself, farewell, cheerio, good-bye.

I know I am not making sense, but that is meant to be.

Have I lost myself again? I sincerely apologize.

What foul atrocities!

And there lies too many things beyond the realm of slime that I cannot remember.

And there I wait for you to come along.

I find myself lost among the stars.

I do not know who you are.

But speak not of this, this act you are considering.

Go away, and leave me in peace, that I may live my death.

For all of life, I find myself persuaded by the dust.

What the hell?

Thank you. I think you understand.

In considering the foul atrocities, I must say you don't sound too well.

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Copyright 2002 by Decmerion P. Newhamstershire, Esq. and Bewildering Stories.