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Bewildering Stories welcomes...

Dave Ervin

Dave is from Burleson, Texas and has an advanced degree in Creative Writing from Boston University. He has published in print, on line and in literary journals. His original plays have been produced extensively.

The Thirteenth Traveler” is complete on line as of this issue; just follow the “proceed” links or those in the Table of Contents in order to read ahead of the schedule.

We meet three main characters in the course of the story: Travis Burbage, his friend Zachary Dean, and Malachi Linklater. We won’t be too surprised to find out who the “thirteenth traveler” is, but what it means... well, as one of the characters admits, it’s a bit complicated.

The story itself is something of an action thriller and is easy to understand. And yet readers will be left with a fascinating conundrum to resolve: “Wait a minute... Where and how did this story begin? What would have happened if none of it had happened at all? And what does it mean for the genre in which it’s written?”

Just read and enjoy; you’ll see what I mean. If you’ve ever wondered why we’re called “Bewildering” Stories, now you’ll know.

Dave Ervin’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Dave. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

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