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A Naive Casanova

by Rudy Ravindra

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Meena said, “What a bitch! She must have spent the night with her lover!”

“I don’t know, I called some friends and they hadn’t seen her. And then I called her parents in Maryland. They told me that Maya was flying back to east coast.”

“Planned to skip town after a farewell fuck on a Friday evening! I wonder if she got pregnant?”

“What do I care? She’s history.”

“But why didn’t you guys adopt?”

“She didn’t like the idea.”

“Oh, well, forget about that disgusting bitch.” She hugged him.

She got them fresh drinks, and lifted her glass. “Here’s to some good news, yaar. Dave will be promoted to a vice-president’s position. They’ll need somebody to head the division. You’ll be the most attractive candidate. You are already working in the company. You can easily negotiate a salary of at least two hundred grand per year.”

* * *

His cell phone rang. It was early in the morning. He cursed himself for not switching it off before he went to sleep.

Meena sounded extremely distraught. “Ravi’s dead.”

Rahul sat up against the headboard. “What? How?”

Meena said, “Ravi swallowed a lot of pills. It’s all my fault. I told him that I was going to file for divorce. At that time he didn’t say anything, mumbled something and went back to his quarters. I was relieved that I finally told him that I’m in love with you. And now he did this, it’s a big mess.”

“Meena, is there anything I can do? Shall I come to your house now?”

“No, don’t come here. I’ve already informed his sister in Virginia, and his parents are coming from India. I probably won’t see you for a couple of weeks.”

Ravi’s suicide came as a complete shock. Now, should he still stick to his plan to move back to Kansas at the end of his sabbatical? If he did, it would be very insensitive, and Meena would be without his support, right when she needed it most.

How could he tell Olga about Meena’s loss without revealing that he was seeing Meena? And now the exciting opportunity to head the division at Westcore... He would have to forgo the job if he returned to Kansas to marry Olga.

But on the other hand, if he accepted the job, would he be able to convince Olga to quit her job at Kansas and join him in New Jersey? And if Olga agreed, it would definitely make Meena very unhappy, and even angry.

* * *

In the evening when he was ready to go home, his cell phone rang.

“Hi, Rahul. Guess where I am?”

“Olga, where else can you be? You must be in your lab. It’s only five there.”

“No, no. I’m here at Newark airport. Come and pick me up.”

“You didn’t tell me you were coming.”

“I missed you, Rahul. I want to surprise you.”

He was agitated. This was something he didn’t expect. He quickly drove to his apartment, picked up a couple of large trash bags, and emptied the bathroom of all the feminine stuff: lipstick, hairbrush with a few strands of Meena’s long black hair in it, her sanitary pads and tampons, perfumes, toothbrush, makeup mirror, tweezers she used to pull out grey hairs at her temples.

Then he got all her clothes out of the closets, and took out her panties, bras, thongs and lingerie from the chest of drawers. He stuffed the bags in the storage cabinet on the balcony and locked it.

He saw her standing on the curb, texting, listening to her iPod.

He got out of his car. “Hey, Olga, it’s so good to see you. Sorry, got delayed, the traffic was brutal.”

Olga looked up, smiled and hugged him, and gave him a long wet kiss.

* * *

Sometime in the morning, they were rudely awakened by a loud noise. Rahul opened his eyes to see Meena standing by the bedroom door, hitting a saucepan with a wooden spatula. His shock at seeing her rendered him completely speechless.

She yelled, “One week. I didn’t see you for just seven bloody days. As soon as my back is turned you pick up this blonde bimbo.”

Olga quickly got out of bed, and screamed, “You shameless man. You’re dating me and fucking this woman at the same time.”

Then it was Meena’s turn to hurl abuses. “You bastard, I thought you cared for me. Have you no scruples, no morals?”

Meena’s words only added fuel to the fire, and Olga got really mad, her face and nose became red. She lunged at Rahul and punched him on the nose, sending him reeling. His head hit one of the bed posts, and he passed out.

Olga was mortified. “Oh, my God. What have I done? Hope he isn’t dead.”

Meena took his pulse. “No, no, he isn’t dead, but I wish he were, the bloody two-timing S.O.B.” She got up and ordered Olga, “Come on, be quick, let’s tie him up.”

Meena got her sex toys out of the closet and tied Rahul with the help of love-cuffs and ropes to the bed posts.

And then set up a video camera on a tripod, right in front of the bed.

Olga asked, “Why are you doing all this?”

“To teach him a lesson. We’ll record some good stuff using some of these toys.” She showed a rubber vagina and a dildo. We’ll make him the laughingstock of Westcore pharma, send the video to all the staff members.”

Satisfied with the preparations, Meena said, “Come, it’ll be a few minutes before he wakes up. Lemme make some coffee.”

Olga sipped her coffee. “Now I am with his child, but I can’t marry him; he betrayed me. I gave him so much. I came to give him the news in person.”

Meena said, “It’s impossible! He can’t be the father! Don’t you know that his sperm’s no good? Come, come, girl, you are wrong.”

Olga face became ashen. “I thought... I thought...”

Meena glared at her. “It’s not Rahul’s, so you must have fucked another man, ha?”

Olga said, “Well, my ex-husband came home. I was lonely, it was a quickie.”

Meena yelled, “Are you dumb or what? Even a quickie can you make you pregnant! Don’t you know that?”

“Yes, yes. I know, but we were married for some seven years and I didn’t get pregnant. So...”

Meena said, “You are a work of art, you conniving bitch! Did you tell Rahul about your pregnancy?”

“No, there was no time, I was gonna tell him this morning.”

Meena said, “He’s an easygoing guy, but he’s no fool. He’ll know right away that you’re trying to trap him. Olga, get outta here before I hurt you. Lemme call a cab. Go, get dressed.”

Olga kept her head down, got dressed quickly, and went off to the airport.

Meena went into the bedroom, cut off the ropes, removed the cuffs, sat next to him, and prayed that he’d wake up soon. A few minutes later, as if in answer to her prayers, Rahul slowly opened his eyes, and tried to get up. But the effort was too much, and he lay back on the pillow.

Meena, alert to any development, held him in her arms. “Rahul, are you okay?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Get up slowly. There, easy does it. No hurry, baby, take your time.”

She coaxed him to sit up against the headboard and then made him walk a bit in the living room. Once she was sure he was okay, she brought him a cup of hot tea. “Sorry, yaar, I yelled at you. I was upset, seeing you with that blonde bimbo.”

Copyright © 2014 by Rudy Ravindra

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