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What’s in Issue 594

Novel Kyran and Kas board the Winter Ship, where the four Guardians are waiting. Kyran is still a captive, and yet the Guardians tell him much — except what he wants to know:
Sarah Ann Watts, Winter Ship
Chapter 18: Soul Thief, part 1; part 2
Serial Mrs. Little makes a profitable getaway, but the gangsters are in hot pursuit. She must use all her wits and knowledge to escape them and preserve her entrepreneurial talents for her children: LaKimbra McKinley, Hold on to My Feets, part 3; conclusion.
The question is less ‘Who is Sebastiano?’ than ‘What is he?’ Oonah V. Joslin, Duplicitous the Dawn.

Beware the intelligence of high-tech household devices; they may bring out unsuspected tragic flaws: Christian J. Simpson, The Machine Below, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Stacey M. Jones introduces Dr. Ticha, a literature professor who has a personal relationship with the works of Franz Kafka, one that goes deeper than she would like to think: Stay Put, Herr Kafka, part 1; conclusion.
Drama A chef explains to a disappointed customer how haute cuisine can be love itself: Charles C. Cole, Rare Dining.
In the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the woodsman is usually taken for granted. Not this time: Ron Van Sweringen, The Midnight Hour.
Lesley Mace, A Murder of Crows


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Stacey Margaret Jones.
Challenge Challenge 594 books a Cryptic Voyage.
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NASA: Picture of the Day
Sky and Telescope, This Week’s Sky at a Glance

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“Poems are not made with ideas; they are made with words.” — Stéphane Mallarmé
Ars longa, vita brevis. Rough translation: “Proofreading never ends.”

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