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Evening Serenade

by Jason C. Ford

Emerging strands of hope are ones which now comprise
A type of sweetness felt each time I look into your eyes.

Uniqueness which I cannot describe is now unfurled
Within a set of eyes surpassing things of brittle world.

As I attempt to understand a set of features shown
To eyes of mine, I see a bird seated on a tree alone.

I start to hear a tune with chirping sounds which ease
Burdens of yesterday with the feel of calming seas.

This song enables me to gather up each trace
Of hope I seek to find exposed upon your face.

Although the song contains a set of words obscure,
I take my time to grasp your features shown as pure.

You take my hand and hold me close to feelings being felt
As pains of yesterday are gone as ones which melt.

Copyright © 2014 by Jason C. Ford

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