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What’s in Issue 581

Novel Kyran and his partner Garaile negotiate the niceties of an official banquet. Kyran meets with the Empire’s ambassador on a matter of the utmost secrecy and urgency.
Sarah Ann Watts, Winter Ship
Chapter 4: Birds of Prey, part 1; part 2; part 3
Novella Mr. Lucky finds a costume but can’t get out of it. Lady Lucky is in a similar predicament. She also spies on a beach party after polishing her scrying mirror.
Tantra Bensko, Equinox Mirror
Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed, let alone walk into a clothes closet that has suddenly grown a trapdoor to elsewhere: William Quincy Belle, The Hole in the Closet, part 1; part 2; conclusion

New contributor Judith Field introduces Fran, who finds herself cornered and under pressure. And then the Roman war god speaks: Transit of Mars, part 1; part 2; conclusion.

Cindy has to worry when Sean is delayed in returning from a secret trip back to Sirius Prime: Bill Kowaleski, Sex, Oak and Rock ’n Roll, part 1; part 2; conclusion.
Jim is a hard act to follow at a story reading, but Peter has one critic who seems to know where he’s coming from: Heather J. Frederick, Confabulators Anonymous.
Jason C. Ford, Evening Serenade
John Stocks, St. Catherine’s Day


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Judith Field.
Challenge Challenge 579 Response: The Turtle and Juan Sanchez

Challenge 581 sings Wine-Soaked the Rushes Are.
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
NASA: Picture of the Day
Sky and Telescope, This Week’s Sky at a Glance

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“Poems are not made with ideas; they are made with words.” — Stéphane Mallarmé
Ars longa, vita brevis. Rough translation: “Proofreading never ends.”

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