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Challenge 579 Response

Kundalini Rising

with Tantra Bensko

Challenge 579: What is “Kundalini”? What does it mean to “cry brightness”? What “continuum” has she not been able “to fully get off” of?

Kundalini is life force that moves through the universe and through the spine of some people. Normally people do yoga in order to try to raise it from its resting place at the base of their spine. Having it raise is considered a part of "enlightenment" and extremely rare. Sometimes people falling on their coccyx trigger it to raise. This normally leads to serious malfunction.

If a person is too angry and aggressive by nature, it can go up the right side of the spine rather than through the central channel. Kundalini rising makes a person one with the continuum of the world, becoming all things, rather than just an individual with clear demarcations conceptually.

This is why Lady Lucky, who fell on the floor in the secret oubliette, is so aware of how she is the same thing as other people. Kundalini makes everything look brighter, but if it rises prematurely or on one side, it can cause emotional trauma as well.

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