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My Dog Complex

by Gloria Watts

You look at me with the saddest eyes
You listen hard to my replies,
You answer when I call your name,
You sleep, you eat, you never complain.

I love you, yes I really do,
I love to spend my time with you.
You brighten up my every day.
I’m glad you’re here, here to stay.

The only thing that bothers me
Is when you wag your tail so free.
I thought it love, but can it be,
If you wag for everyone you see?

I think I’m beginning to recognise
That sad, sad look is your disguise.
I don’t know you; no not at all.
I’m just a sentimental fool,

And each day you teach me
How complex a dog can be.
But with my man I’ll raise a row.
Who’s he wagging his tail at now?

Copyright © 2014 by Gloria Watts

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