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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 560 Response

Busy Billie

with Bertil Falk

Challenge 560 asks: Billie Occasion mistakenly bilocates to her apartment in 1959. Is the purpose only to pay homage to Finlay and Santesson?

No, not only. That is a spin-off from the purpose to show that Billie Occasion is so exhausted after her efforts out there in the void that her ability to bilocate has been hurt.

Billie’s initial exercise in long-distance bilocation definitely increases her stamina. After a week’s rest, she undertakes a much more ambitious quest on behalf of her space-alien friend.

To top it off, an ironic “oversight” leads her to do what the space-alien gentlemen cannot: propagate the species. And Lars’ and Billie’s baby boy and girl can say they come from good stock. Will they, too, grow up to be bilocators? Stay tuned!

Copyright © 2014 by Bertil Falk
and Bewildering Stories

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