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What’s in Issue 557

Novel Reminder: Your Managing Editor is traveling this week. I expect to have issue 558 on line by next Monday, but e-mail contacts will be sporadic at best. Please be patient.
Novel Stella is suspended from her position at the Veterans’ Hospital, and Ivory Burch has been transferred back to Oak Knoll. Both take a moment to reflect on where they’ve been and give us a glimpse of where they may be going.
Sherman Smith, Two Blind Men and a Fool
Chapter 20: Stella’s Guilt
Chapter 21: A Blind Man and a Jap
Serial New contributor Adam C. Richardson introduces Daniel Blight, a tormented rock star who has become a model of well-adjusted tranquility thanks to the drug Raptura. Now everybody wants some Raptura. Or almost everybody: Happy Planet, part 1; part 2.
If an old woman asks you to leave her alone, even in the harsh wilderness of north Ontario, do as she says; she may be Wisahkeczak. And you do not want to dance with Whiskey Jack: Nathan Elberg, Dancing With Whiskey Jack, part 1; part 2; conclusion

New contributor Christina Ferrari puts Lucia into a train compartment with passengers from Hell. Or is that where they’re going? The Intercity Express, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor D. Keramitas raises a question: At what point might a stalker become the stalkee, and vice-versa? How I Met My Stalker.

As an economy measure and for your own good, all guilty pleasures shall cease at 6 o’clock sharp. Or else: Morris J. Marshall, The Banned-Aid Solution.
If a deceased couple can no longer humiliate each other in public, what will they do when they have No Exit? Charles C. Cole, The Bitter Dead.
Poetry B. Z. Niditch, By the Snowdrifts


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Christina Ferrari, D. Keramitas, and Adam C. Richardson.
Challenge Challenge 556 Response discusses “Jason’s Solution
Challenge 557 is stuck with the Road Closed Both Ways.
Clarise Samuels, Holocaust Visions: The Poetry of Paul Celan
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
NASA: Picture of the Day
Sky and Telescope, This Week’s Sky at a Glance

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“Poems are not made with ideas; they are made with words.” — Stéphane Mallarmé
Ars longa, vita brevis. Rough translation: “Proofreading never ends.”

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