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Somewhere in Gundaroo

by Visalakshi Viswanathan

Farmer McBrady and his wife Gaby
Lived on a farm in Gundaroo,
They were quite happy, ever so spunky,
Fed on a diet of kangaroo.

Kangaroo steak and crocodile dumpling
Were the best foods they ever knew,
Until one day Gaby cried in dismay,
“The roo is like rock. What shall we do?”

Farmer McBrady stood frowning and said,
“’Tis roast chook, then, that we must eat.”
He thought for a while and loudly declared,
“Until we make soft kangaroo meat!”

A rooster and flyer inside a shed:
He locked them together and grinned.
But nothing happened, there was no fire.
Long did he wait; the two had not sinned.

Farmer McBrady went to his study
And dialed Professor Mooloo.
Professor said, “Sport, I’m sorry to state,
Roosters don’t mate with kangaroo.

“But don’t worry, it may be quite gory,
I will their genes manipulate.
We shall take their cells, mix them up in wells.
On your farm new breeds will proliferate.”

Farmer McBrady and his wife Gaby
Live with their pets in Gundaroo.
Now they've both changed into mutants quite strange
On a diet of chook-a-roo.

Copyright © 2013 by Visalakshi Viswanathan

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