Bewildering Stories

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The Way We Weren't

by Jerry Wright

Once again, we have a plethora (a plethora? What is a plethora, El Guapo?) Never mind... Anyway, a lot of different things -- stories, poems, articles (or article, to be more precise) to bewilder your mind.

ON the forums, (and yes, we are hooked to the Asimov/Analog forums by the wrists and ankles) GP (of all people) mentioned that "One thing that would be neat to me would be if there were some way to rate the stories (need to have registration, I suppose, to prevent (some) cheating.) "

So I'll work on that. We also have an advertising budget... Ha! Remind me to call Dell in the morning...

We need to have a little gentle advertising so that we could pay some of the fine people who submit. Combine this with GP's rating thingie, and hmmm... We may have a winner. Kicking it around, people, kicking it around. And if you have a thought or comment about this, well, that's what the BWS forum is for. SO DO IT!!

Jerry. The Bottle Washer