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In the Castle of Kings

by Piyush Pandey

I used to live in the castle of kings:
I believed I was a prisoner there.
And there, I did all the things I thought a prisoner did.
I screamed silent screams and wished to die.
But death was not allowed
In the castle of kings.
Only laughter could come

Wine flowed, yes, in the castle of kings.
They would gamble for trash
In the castle of kings.
And they kept their hearts
Locked up in little golden boxes.
They laughed unkind laughs,
Sang heartbreaking songs, and danced like angels.
And they wrinkled their noses at ugliness.

Days and nights came to the castle of kings
And took turns at wearying me.
And mornings always came with light
Enough to kill me.

So, when they forgot my name,
I put a mirror in front of me,
And I rejoiced and laughed and danced again.
It was a mad, awkward dance,
For I’d never learned to dance like angels
In the castle of kings.

I still dream of it
On nights that are rainy and dark.
Then I wake up and stay awake all night long
And I wish I had a little golden box with me.
I would lock my heart up in it,
I’d put a mirror in front of me,
And I’d laugh and rejoice and dance again.

Copyright © 2013 by Piyush Pandey

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