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by Osiris D.

He slept for over a millennium,
being the size of at least three leagues.
Mountains did form over this great dragon.
They became his silhouette separating the oceans from the seas.

“Awaken, awaken,” a fairy queen did whisper while deep down in his ear.
Her whispers of song were to make him stir, feeling warmth with cheer.
“Awaken, awaken, for I have love for thee,” she again and again would softly sing.
In perseverance she would sing this song
as the seasons changed between fall, winter, summer, and spring.

“What is love?” he would ask himself,
not knowing she was there.
He felt that this was the thoughts in his dreams,
but with a voice so fair.

“It is time to rise,” she would say,
finally causing the great dragon to embrace the beginning as the first day.
Earthquakes did cause the mountains to slide
when taking a deep breath while he then stretched and swayed.

Although that of a rose petal, this fairy queen in size,
once he opened his eyes,
in her voice she could fashion images for the dragon to surmise.

“Awaken, awaken, there are plans for you,” she did say.
“You must find me in all and different ways.
Taking many forms are due for you and me.
In this we will coalesce in the harmony
that nature has meant for us this day.”

Copyright © 2013 by Osiris D.

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