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Challenge 540

Say Who?

  1. In James Bright’s “Pyrrhic Victory”:

    1. A “Pyrrhic victory” is one that costs more than it’s worth, but it is nonetheless a victory. Has Erik actually managed to disable the enemy ship with his virtual army?

    2. What famous stratagem does the Amoeboid use in its ambush and counterattack in Epilogue 2? Does the action in the Epilogue justify the title of the story?

    3. Up to the Epilogues, do the characters ever come into contact other than virtually, i.e. by radio, in flashbacks, or in a virtual reality?

    4. Does the story reach a conclusion or does it simply stop?

  2. In Ron Van Sweringen’s “Bipolar Blue”:

    1. Why doesn’t Witherspoon ask Peters to take off his shoes and socks?
    2. Does Peters really need Witherspoon’s services in order to achieve success as an artist?
  3. In Tyger Schonholzer’s “Favorite Meal,” why might talcum powder — rather than something else — serve to poison the ogre?

  4. In Julie Wornan’s “Joy in the Attic”:

    1. How else might the red blob have vampirized its prey besides hiding in the attic?
    2. After Joan’s mysterious death, might the police consider keeping an eye on Joan’s family?
  5. In Clarise Samuels’ “Don Juan’s Demise”:

    1. Why might the woman remain unnamed throughout the story?
    2. Under what circumstances might Don Juan and the surprise guest not be introduced to one another?
  6. In Orion Daley’s “Creation”:

    1. What is depicted as “taking a deep breath”: the earthquakes or the mountains?
    2. What is the effect of the emphatic verb forms, e.g. “did whisper”?
    3. What might be the normal word order of: “Although that of a rose petal, this fairy queen in size, once he opened his eyes, in her voice she could fashion images for the dragon to surmise”?

Responses welcome!

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