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Richard Ong, A.R.C. Angel Kalina


Angel Kalina
Writers: Richard Ong
and Ron Santiano
Producer: Redcape Cinema
Trailers: 2-D or 3-D (red & cyan)
Page: Facebook. Host: Ron Santiano
A.R.C. ANGEL KALINA is an explosive action-packed Scifi/Adventure drama that brings the archetypes of religion and mythology into the realm of political intrigue and the human condition.

The cold war between the Heavenly Divine and the Eternal Darkness escalates to a point where human beings have become hosts to angels and demons. Angelic Race Covenant (A.R.C) is the Divine headquarters of the super-powered tactical operatives lead by Archangel Michael Sinclair.

Their latest recruit is a woman named Samantha, a victim of an organized crime gang run by vampiric creatures known as the Clan. Her lifeless body is resurrected by A.R.C. and becomes a host against her will to a powerful angelic entity.

From that moment on, Samantha is no more and A.R.C. Angel Kalina is born. Torn between her human half and a mysterious force of the Divine, Kalina struggles to maintain her dual identity while she launches a one-woman vendetta against the Clan and her murderers.

* * *

A.R.C. Angel Kalina is an Official AOF (Action on Film) Official Selection for 2013 at Monrovia, California. Screening is on August 22, 2013.

Copyright © 2013 by Richard Ong

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