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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 534

A Canticle for Argos

  1. In Bill Kowaleski’s “Critical Mass,” bonus questions: which character name is a tribute to the author of what all-time classic novel of science fiction? There are more tributes, but one will do. Answer here.

  2. In Elana Gomel’s “The Emissary of Shadows,” what might indicate that the text is a chapter or excerpt from a larger work?

  3. In Sophia Boettcher’s “Killer App”:

    1. Does the ending overstep Bewildering Stories’ guideline against stories that conclude “But it was all a dream” or the equivalent?
    2. Are the comic elements sinister or are the sinister elements comic?
  4. in C. E. Gee’s “Souled Out”:

    1. At what point should the reader realize that the story is a comedy?
    2. Cite at least three examples of comical sentence structure. Hint: does the author use “Tom Swifties” at any point?
    3. Does the story parody or pay tribute to one of the best-known authors of science fiction?

Responses welcome!

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