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Space Travel

by B. Z. Niditch

Travel to planets has pursued me
since I was bathed
in the Odyssey film 2001,
moving my watery eyes
over extraterrestrial rings
to other newly visible worlds,
solaced that we are not alone
on a hermetic Earth,
discovering new solar flares
in heated liquid,
light-speed with my arm
on a fading telescope
here at the observatory,
suddenly realizing a galactic apex
as a free navigator
watching a flotilla of stars
with floating speed
rounding the Earth,
ready for voyages
like a space-bound Ulysses
moving to other universes
out there on rolling tumults
of meteors, moons,
in a cosmos of commerce,
a stellar astronaut traveling
beyond our Earthly time
amazed and unfazed
by what awaits us.

Copyright © 2013 by B. Z. Niditch

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