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Cafe Angelika Revisited

by Robert Karaszi

Twilight’s saffron haze reduced to memory
as light strengthens its spars over the horizon
silhouetted gossamer, woven upon ash wood and hedge
taut like strings on a violin

from my terrace down
closely packed houses, rooftops
gnawing at the pith of the air, where starlings’ wings
stretch for sunshine through eastward glints

I recall factories and windmills
wheeling under huddled clouds
across the contoured path of the Danube
where low tide exposes rockweed tangled like knotted hair

I remember omnibuses nosing northward
towards Cafe Angelika over mocha-layered crepes
the first kiss gleaned from your lips
revived this weary traveler

Copyright © 2013 by Robert Karaszi

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