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Timewave Zero

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Attention, Earthling

by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

This terrestrial artifact,
A sun-bleached hue of plum,
Bullet-proof and water-resistant
To seven fathoms,
Claw-marks from
A disenchanted tiger.
Oh, I was an exposed target,
Cyanide pill in a locket,
Potassium iodide
In my raincoat pocket.
Ah, your respectable attempts
At hypnosis.
I laugh at your luck,
Only you
Would attempt to recruit
A chrononaut.
Your moves are glacial,
I have,
For longer than I care to confess,
Outfoxed the speed of light.
The platinum aperture invites me.
Clairvoyance reminds me
I dare not contaminate my world
With the hazards of yours.
I dial my code against the case.
It flips open.
All my tools of covert operation
Spill into the starving, brown
Radioactive grass
Like an asteroid leaves tektite
On the strewn-field.
But, your gift?
I spray one drop of your cologne,
Close my eyes, I am Home.
Chanel No. 5, Indestructible?

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Artwork by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

Copyright © 2013 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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