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Challenge 519

Space Alien Spellchecker

  1. In Gary Inbinder’s “Beyond Dead End,” the setting resembles a tropical region on Earth rather than that of Io, the moon of Jupiter. Pop quiz: quick, how many classic science fiction stories can you cite from memory that have an Earthlike setting on another world in the Solar System?

  2. In Thomas F. Wylie’s “Bad Chair,” what details in the poem suggest that the chair is not a dentist’s chair or an electric chair?

  3. In Martin Kerharo’s The Dohani War, chapter 14, “In a Foreign Land”:

    1. Dexter learns that the Dohani have the unexpected capacity to force spaceships out of hyperspace. What else might Dexter learn about the Dohani from the way their space navy greets his and Jane’s arrival?

    2. Could Jane have done anything other than kidnap Dexter?

    3. After Jane lands the spaceship, is Dexter justified in refusing to meet Jane’s family and walking away from her? What would happen if he did anything else?

    4. In what ways does Dexter’s captivity on Jane’s world resemble hers on the space station and on Aubria-3? In what ways is it different?

    5. Is Dexter justified in lifting off in the spaceship even though he knows he can’t fly it? What does his action prove?

    6. Jane’s explanation of the Dohani written language makes it seem impressive, but the Dohani script has a big weakness. What is it?

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