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Challenge 518

Replay, Rewind, Reconsider

  1. In Romney S. Humphrey’s “The Northwest Corner Pool”:

    1. In what state or region might the story take place?
    2. What and how much do the residents of the Pool actually say to each other, in spoken words? How is most of their communication conducted?
    3. The narrator’s point of view is one of partial omniscience. Which characters does the narrator not speak for? Why?
    4. At first, Sammy may not seem to be an altogether likeable person. By what stages does he begin to command increasing respect, if not outright sympathy?
  2. In Edward Cress’s “The Lifelong Friendship of Dr. Atwood and Jonas,” is the conclusion ironic or serious about the nature of the story variations?

  3. In Mark L. Glosser’s “A Funeral in Jerusalem”:

    1. Why does Ari Rosen not simply give up and emigrate?
    2. What prior knowledge of history and of Israeli politics and culture does the reader need in order to appreciate Ari’s dilemma?
  4. In Heidi Kraay’s “Running From Magic”:

    1. Is the story a fantasy or is the narrator mentally disturbed?
    2. Can you think of any comic or fantasy superheroes or superheroines whose superhuman powers are treated ironically?

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