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Glaciers Come Slowly?

by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

A silence, a bird being crushed
From the clairvoyant violet sky.
The mind breaks the body awake
From a falling dream.

Numb kiss, grey breath, swollen fingers
Shake years of snow
From the lover’s imposterous plaid coat.

Glaciers come slowly?

What invites an Age of Ice?
The ash of a nuclear holocaust?
Asteroid with non-negotiable math?

Less and less information,
You will find
Can be harbored
In the crooked wires of the mind
As systems, sputtering with denial
Are shutting down.
What is misplaced?
A map of Qatar, key to the safe-house,
A dead dog’s collar.

Glaciers come slowly?

Phone a friend.
A computer says all systems are frozen.

Glaciers come in the sting-blink of an eye!
Our life together
Has always been painted
With its temperature.

Now the panic of attempting to open
An ice-welded door.

A silence,
A bird being crushed from the sky.
If we could bend time
Would we put on Clair de lune
To fill the void?
Rearrange the sky
To make room
For the rumors we heard?

What would You do
To undisaster a world?
Uncrush a bird?

Shade of the Witch Palm
Shade of the Witch Palm
by Rebecca Lu Kiernan


Copyright © 2013 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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