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Challenge 515

Sam on Wry

  1. In Martin Kerharo’s The Dohani War, chapter 9:

    1. What does Jane’s saying goodbye to Eliza imply about future events? About Jane herself?
    2. The “cutter” is an unusual type of spacecraft and is described in more detail than any other. Do you think it will be used only once? If not, what other purpose is the reader told it might serve?
    3. What events in this chapter tell the reader that the ending — “Our stay was off to a good start” — signals big trouble ahead?
  2. In Troy Blackford’s “Hearing Voices”:

    1. Who is Darius talking to?
    2. Do Randall and Felicia expect to hear Darius when they return to the abandoned building?
    3. What voices does Darius hear even without his “spirit box”?
    4. Does Darius believe in his own existence?
  3. In Ásgrímur Hartmannsson’s “No Check-Out,” why might Jonas pursue the mysterious fleeting woman so determinedly?

  4. In Jason C. Ford’s “Another Folder”:

    1. What is a “folder”? What might the “table” actually be?
    2. Will the narrator be able to comprehend the contents of the new folder?
    3. What “lies” might the narrator be talking about?
  5. In Arthur Mackeown’s “Force of Circumstance”:

    1. How will the surviving miners answer the rescuers’ question: “If you didn’t eat each other, what did you eat?”
    2. Will eating Sam Wilcox solve the problem one of the miners has with Mrs. Wilcox and his own wife, Sue?

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