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Jabs and Stabs

by Thomas F. Wylie

hot hot heat — inside the insides — and outside too
hot hot on top
oh where oh where is that ugly spot

synapses synapse
fire spiting thoughts and wear
cognitions of fret everywhere met

a foot slips a stick snaps

Goddammit, I lost it!

stumble and fall — scratch and haul
is there a seer inside with smarts
a trickster grabbing a frozen heart?

sweat drops body waters flow
showering without rain
unforgiving unforgiving the mind the pain

Just smash the sucker — beat the hell out of it!

suddenly it appears — a gray and ugly nothingness
rigid and cold like what lies below

reach in reach out — loot your mind
the damage is done
there is no time

stay dead on your floor
lie in wait for your whore

images out images in
who’s to say

what’s a sin

Copyright © 2012 by Thomas F. Wylie

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