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Timewave Zero

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Timewave Zero

by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

The Lover dreams of the Goddess
Even as the bright tangle of Her
Repositions in his arms.
Nightmare, his undercovergirl
Designs a house for another world
Constructed of surgical grade diamonds
From the Soviet asteroid.
Terraformers are meeting
Her basic needs
Of gravity, oxygen, water,
Her demands of picnic weather,
Hybrid wolfkiss orchids,
Apricot moons.
She can order eclipses from the menu.
He curses her for giving him
The physics of prophecy.
Will his name cross her lips
When they are fractured by stars?
He fears she will clone him,
A designer gene, fetish-free
Version of him
With dog-like obedience,
A catly self sufficiency.
She will implant
A greater range of octaves in his voice.
She will give his clone
His violet stage jeans, fishnet shirts,
Leather pants,
Multicolored clove scented scarves,
His Breedlove American Series guitar.
He will track him down and kill him!
The grandfather paradox
Is a time-travel snag,
No law against the killing of clones.
The Goddess dreams of the Lover,
The new and improved one coming soon.
She swings in her sleep
Clinging one-handed
To the terrestrial trapeze
Biting her lip and counting
How many pendulums
Until she must denounce one world
And hurl into the next.

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Copyright © 2012 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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