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by Alessandro Cusimano

who change face have killed
their bottle companion

carry a poison you can breathe
for themselves and for the others


ill-washed females go in search
of a scolding and arrange spike heels
and knives

by the side of the road

a boy with the lively gesticulation
and open rudeness
walks straight

some stocky women admire him
because he imitates those
who promise to improve their life

two sisters
differently annoying
move parallel
with the irony of temperament
between alliance and confrontation

feminine raids are an affectation
with the habit of saying
certain things

shame sometimes is mentioned
vanishing then without a trace
when the silence dries the noise
of an occasional weakness

a fleshy cat aims at a bird cage
causing a strident clinking
of metal strings

the desire for pillage
draws his frustrated cravings
and begins to scrape his hide

every dusk is made for creatures
good with the blade
who snap a trifle well-done
but already tasted rare

Copyright © 2012 by Alessandro Cusimano

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